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Serious Injury Motorcycle Accident Cases Are Complex Litigation


Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often result in serious and catastrophic injuries. Some of the reasons are obvious, such as motorcycles without a metal cage around them, interior padding designed for safety, seat belts and airbags that protect motorists. Some of the reasons are less obvious, such as “inattentional blindness” which impairs many motorists’ ability to “see” the oncoming motorcycle, often causing motorists to stop at intersections from side streets or turn at left directly towards motorcyclists. path.

Motorcyclists can suffer from quadriplegia, paraplegia, other spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, TBI, debilitating internal injuries, catastrophic orthopedic injuries and limb amputations. Our serious motorcycle accident attorneys will discuss two categories of cases, involving TBI and spinal cord injury. However, every serious motorcycle accident case is a “complex dispute”, much more complicated than “who ran the red light”, which is why it is very important for the seriously injured client to obtain representation from qualified lawyers. , highly experienced in preparing and presenting complex litigation, motorcycle accident attorneys able to competently present to the settlement judge and jury the full scope of general and special motorcyclist damages.

We will compare the motorcycle accident case with ordinary and serious injury without in any way neglecting the importance of the ordinary case, because every motorcycle accident case is important for the client and should also be important for the lawyer. However, it would be inaccurate to say that the preparation or filing of “general damages”, “past and future medical expenses”, or “past and future loss of income” is similar.

For many motorcycle accident lawyers, the term “general damages” means “pain and suffering”; But for the true motorcycle accident attorney, the most compelling overall evidence is what we call “damages for loss of enjoyment of life.” That’s usually how our seriously injured clients see it. And it can be poignantly presented by juxtaposing evidence of what the client valued most in their life before the accident, through testimonials from friends, family, home videos and photographs, with film “A Day in the Life” produced by professionals, which demonstrates the courage of the seriously or catastrophically injured client to face and overcome the challenges of daily life after the accident.

In the case of an ordinary motorcycle accident, motorcycle accident attorneys may need to present evidence of past medical expenses, but presenting the seriously injured motorcyclist’s future medical expenses is much more complex. For a more general discussion of motorcycle accident litigation, you may want to consider > “How Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Present Liability Evidence”. Filing future motorcyclist medical expenses typically requires multiple attending physicians, as well as medical experts hired by motorcycle serious injury attorneys, and then, perhaps most importantly, a life care planner and an economist. forensic.

In the briefest summary, the life care planner, under the direction of the attorney, will first consult with treating physicians and other medical experts to infer the “life expectancy” of the client after the accident , then identify all medical expenses, such as additional surgeries, rehabilitation expenses, anticipated nursing home costs, replacement prostheses, wheelchairs, even the cost of medical supplies and miscellaneous items including the injured motorcyclist will likely need for the rest of its expected life expectancy.

Serious Motorcycle Accident Lawyers will then submit the Life Care Planner’s Report to the Forensic Economist, who will increase individual medical costs for the expected date they will be needed using government inflation statistics medical costs, then with the use of general inflation. statistics. to reduce this number to the “current value”. There is no other appropriate way to present future medical expenses, and if you do not prepare properly, the court may not allow evidence to be presented.


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